Bestselling Author Ron Felber here to sign new mystery/thriller novel on Sat., June 15th at 2:00

06/15/2013 2:00 pm

Mendham Resident, succesful business owner and veteran writer of both fiction and non-fiction Ron Felber will be here to sign copies of his new mystery thriller A Man of Indeterminate Value. Refreshments and entertainment will be provided at the event - a fantastic gift for father's day!

As the first book in the Jack Madson trilogy of crime fiction authored by Ron Felber, A Man of Indeterminate Value is our first introduction to ex-cop John Jack Madson, disgraced Wall Street take-over artist and existential pilgrim. While on a personal mission to escape his demons after a treacherous divorce and failed suicide scam that leaves him the "most wanted" man in the Garden State (NJ), Madson takes on corporate forces hell-bent on his destruction as they seek to IPO game-changing bio-medical technology worth hundreds of billions of dollars to Wall Street. Jack Madson could never have foreseen the plunge into the lurid world of international espionage, blackmail, and murder his life would take during this non-stop roller-coaster ride through the darkest corridors of the American dream.

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