Professor and artist Lynda Frese Thurs. 8/11 at 7:00

08/11/2011 7:00 pm

Louisiana based, world renowned artist and professor Lynda Frese will be discussing and signing her just-published book Pacha Mama: earth realm.

In Pacha Mama: earth realm, Lynda Frese brings together 35 of her own artworks and essays, prayers, and poems by noted healers to invite the reader to consider ways of living harmoniously with the earth. The images and text explore notions of death and rebirth by considering the ways that Nature teaches us, feeds us, cleanses us, and mends us throughout time. Frese's artworks, her own photographs combined with vintage printed material and egg tempera paints, reflect upon the South American earth goddess Pachamama and an "end time" that leads to the redemption and regeneration of the planet.  

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