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Basketball Hall of Fame Legend Bill Bradley signing Sun., May 20th at 1:00

05/20/2012 1:00 pm

Basketball Hall of Fame Legend and three-term US Senator Bill Bradley will be here on Sunday, May 20th at 1:00 to sign copies of his new book We Can All Do Better. 

You can pre-order a copy to reserve your place in line. The earlier you order the better your place in line will be. If you can't make it to the event, be sure to pre-order, and we will ship your signed copy, or hold it for you in the store. 

 The eighteen-year New Jersey Senator, financial and investment adviser, Olympic and NBA athlete, national radio host, and bestselling author's  varied experiences help to inform his unique and much-sought-after point of view on Washington and the country at large. 

In "We Can All Do Better," for the first time since the financial meltdown and since the worst of the intensifying political gridlock, Bradley offers his own concise, powerful, and highly personal review of the state of the nation. Bradley argues that government is not the problem. He criticizes the role of money and politics, explains how continuing on our existing foreign policy, electoral, and economic paths will mean a diminished future, and lays out exactly what needs to be done to reverse course. 


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